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The Count Down

Tick tock tick tock Can you hear the clock? It's the count down to the future The times we have now is a mixture Of the good, bad and all things in between Lend me your ears, your hands entwine In anticipation Of the unheard abolition Stiff stuff stuck slow slit Explains it The unbearable… Continue reading The Count Down

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Love Came to Stay

Come with me Let me take you on a journey Let me tell a story of love At first sight Let me tell you How my heart went away with a stranger How my heart betrayed all my resolve to remain single Come let me tell you A story of faith and temptations A story… Continue reading Love Came to Stay

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One Foot In front of the Other… Personal

Hello my lovelies, It has been a while I wrote anything worthwhile on this space. The month of February and March I was busy writing a novel. I titled it Wandering Stars. I have been thinking of my blogging and how I haven’t written more than four posts in this year. In my first post… Continue reading One Foot In front of the Other… Personal

Sunday Corner

Come to me…Poetry

Come to me Leave your worries behind Leave your doubts aside  Leave your troubles by the road --- My heart is enlarged  Come to me  My hands and heart is open With joy and laughter  --- In my kingdom  Peace, joy and righteousness reigns Come to me Together we can shake the world --- Forsake… Continue reading Come to me…Poetry


Christmas Lights!

Christmas in the air Such a merry spirit Fills my soul I raise my drink to you I celebrate you my friends A king was born A saviour was given You don't believe in him? Well I do Does that make any difference Between you and I No it doesn't He preached love And that's… Continue reading Christmas Lights!

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Living in the moment …Poetry

​All we got is here and now All we have is this time Hold me and let's have this Do you need a reason to love me? Do I need a reason to love you? --- We are the perfect strangers We talk on the phone non stop Chatting each time we can We are… Continue reading Living in the moment …Poetry

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Bleeding dry for you…Poetry

​You are beautiful Your smile is great The universe stands In awe as you walk by --- Pretty lady Some man will sweep you off Ride away with you To sunset yellow --- He will write better words for you He will make you laugh He will make you cry He will bleed dry for… Continue reading Bleeding dry for you…Poetry

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Release me!…Poetry

​I woke up with a splitting headache And a sad heart I was born with a clay spoon All the curse words flows into my mind I desperately want out This constricting place This disabling environment This fake - ness I want something more I can be better this I know Look into my eyes… Continue reading Release me!…Poetry

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Music Soothing the innermost being That part that rages Music Unmasking the deeds of evil Music Lifting my soul out of the depths Music Building me to be a better person Music Comforts me when sadness flood in Music Helps me understand the full depths of love Music Draws me closer to God in sweet… Continue reading Music


Just for you

You were there when I started, Your words guided me, You silently encouraged me Cheering me to Victory. Everyday my writing improve Because you are there waiting To read all I have to say Whether they make sense or not Thank you for being here You are special And that is how I feel Special… Continue reading Just for you