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Release me!…Poetry

​I woke up with a splitting headache

And a sad heart

I was born with a clay spoon

All the curse words flows into my mind

I desperately want out

This constricting place

This disabling environment

This fake – ness
I want something more

I can be better this I know

Look into my eyes

Do you see the defiance in them?

Do you see the fire in them

Do you see the cold embers?
Maybe with time

Maybe it will all change

But in my head I scream

I scream out loud

I want to break bottles

Smash them to the ground

Perhaps the crashing sound will help

Soothe this anger deep in my soul
I want out

Oh God

I want out

I am no longer at ease here!

© Deborah Glover, 2016

Dear friends, I’ve been going through a cycle of circumstances I dislike. I’ve been out of here for a month and three days. I miss you all. The names are too much to call or acknowledge. I’m glad Prince Wilson of Super inspired moments is back and regular. He was away for about three months. I hope I can be back here and regular but if I can’t, then we will make new blogging schedules and make it work. I hope my friends in the Diaspora Stella and Jacqueline are doing great. In the midst of my crazy life, I found love. I’ll share the story someday.

A big thanks to all my new followers and a big thanks to all my friends who stayed.

Until next time,



Lagos Nigeria.

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