Disclaimer: What you are about to read stems from my personal experience. If writers can relate then I can confidently say I have spoken for us all. I am a writer. I am almost tempted to write that about ten times so it can sink into your minds but I won’t. I believe it is… Continue reading THE SOLDIERS WITH A PEN

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Why Should I Care? …Personal post

You have a lot on your plate. Everyone has expectations and you think to yourself "why should I care?" One thing that remains in the forefront of our minds is becoming successful. Mind you, people will try to give you a template for success. This works, that works,you should sign up for this or you… Continue reading Why Should I Care? …Personal post

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Book Collector

I am a book collector. I don't know if there's another name for people like me. Some time ago, I discovered I love reading to the extent that I panic when I discover I have no new books.I came across the word abibliophobia - the fear of running out of books. I have this phobia.… Continue reading Book Collector

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The bane of being a writer

To write is to share with the world your deepest desires and fantasies. To write is to be awoken at night by some stories coming together. To write is to have deep-seated reflections. To write is to sympathise and empathise. To write is to pour out yourself in a million ways. To write is to… Continue reading The bane of being a writer

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Spell Bound

There are so many things I have found, that arrest people's attention. Movies, a painting, books, a good story and sometimes a beautiful person. Have you ever wondered why those in the show biz always want to look spotless and sparkling. They want people spell bound. They want you asking for more. When we sit… Continue reading Spell Bound

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Someday We will go to beaches  We will travel to see the Effiel Tower We will walk the streets of London, Picadilly and the rest of them  We will see the pyramids of Egypt and watch history come alive  We will walk by River Nile We will visit the places Jesus walked We will get… Continue reading Someday…poetry

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When would the Lion Learn to Write?…One Liner Wednesday

"...Until Africans or people from Africa start telling their stories, others would tell it for them, and they will tell it 'how they want to tell it'." ~ Zuriel Oduwole ***** One Liner Weds brought to you by  Linda G. Hill Until next time, Blessings!


Open Letter to a Fellow Blogger #2

WARNING ⚠; This post may contain a few swear words. Please don't read if it would offend you. --- Dear Patience, We are more than a million miles apart, with seas and oceans in between but I just had to write this. I have come across your blog posts many times, especially when I look for… Continue reading Open Letter to a Fellow Blogger #2

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Take A Break! Word High July Day 7 (Muni – Muni)

Muni - Muni Muni - Muni - To think deeply, to ponder Sit for a while Stop for a second In the midst of life's Hustle and bustle Count your ways Take note of your path Check out your company Your failures and successes Draw away from the noise For a while Think and think… Continue reading Take A Break! Word High July Day 7 (Muni – Muni)