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Why Should I Care? …Personal post

You have a lot on your plate. Everyone has expectations and you think to yourself "why should I care?" One thing that remains in the forefront of our minds is becoming successful. Mind you, people will try to give you a template for success. This works, that works,you should sign up for this or you… Continue reading Why Should I Care? …Personal post

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The Great Outdoors

It happened in 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic. Now it has come again in the form of COVID-19. I have spoken to a few friends and they are tired of sitting at home all day. Methinks that the Stay at home movement in the 1918 would be totally different from what we have now. Before… Continue reading The Great Outdoors

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Online Money Lenders

Last night as I browsed with my phone, I got lot of ads from different Nigerian Online Money Lenders and I was pissed and angry at the same time. I opened app, Facebook app, Criminal case, etc as long as my data was on there was a flood of Money lending ads. I was… Continue reading Online Money Lenders

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10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Day One Mandy Hale once said that happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life. Having said that, I don't know if I have up to ten things that makes me really, but then let's go this journey.. 1. Listening to Music "If music be the food of… Continue reading 10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy… 30 Days Writing Challenge


See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Walks back and forth. "How could you do this?" "Do what?" I raised my head from the book I was reading looking innocent. "You. Stopped. Blogging." "Oh that! I don't know..." I looked down at my fingers. "I'm listening." "I've been busy okay. Just extra busy and I can't drop few lines and run off.… Continue reading See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge


What Have You Achieved?

What have you achieved? I was in the car twentieth of this month. It was a Tuesday and I was returning home from church with a woman I love and respect so much - Mrs. A. I sat in the passenger seat as she drove me and another church member home. Not quite far from… Continue reading What Have You Achieved?

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Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

I pick up my bag each day, ready to face the world. All I got is God and a grit to succeed. I may get back home tired, sad, happy or fulfilled, but when my back is on the bed I know I gave Life my best shot.  There is another day. I'll press repeat.… Continue reading Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

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We've got busy lives. That's the way it is especially when you're young and of course you want good living conditions. However, we need to listen to others. Don't be self centered in your attentions. Don't always think of yourself and what you stand to gain. I read the post of a boy I taught… Continue reading Stop!


Into Familiar Waters

Where do I begin from? I should start from the end. I am happy, content and blessed. Phew! I didn't get there in one breath, I began this year with a lot of struggles; I couldn't write stories it felt like the Muse shut herself up. I was battling with depression, intense anger at the… Continue reading Into Familiar Waters


Missing you… Poetry

​My heart aches I must be missing you It's overwhelming It's overpowering I am trying hard Trying to bury it under water --- My heart aches I must be losing it Screws and bolts to my mind It's disaster One I am trying hard Trying to submerge in water --- A wistful feeling A wishful… Continue reading Missing you… Poetry