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My first Sci-Fi story

Afriverve came up with a writing challenge, it had to be an African story set in Mars. I wrote a short story titled Saving the Day. It is the first time I'll write anything of this nature. Please read and if it impresses you enough, vote for my story with the two words I Vote.… Continue reading My first Sci-Fi story

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Lifetime Crush…Three Line Tales

She couldn't believe her eyes, what he has become was so far from the person he used to be. Tim was her lifetime crush and she always compared all the men in her life to him. Tim was still fun to be with, he was everything he used to be but with the newly acquired… Continue reading Lifetime Crush…Three Line Tales

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Armed Gentlemen… Three Lines Tales

He is a thief, he tried to steal the book of Peace from Greece but he also saved the prince from death. He was invited to the palace alongside his crew. They all seem to be gentlemen now that they were dressed in suit. The palace guard bellows "Drop your weapons!" They started to remove… Continue reading Armed Gentlemen… Three Lines Tales

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Sanctuary… The daily prompt

Sanctuary Kincaid walked into the forest, the more she walked the more she got scared. She should stay and rest on one of these trees; after all it was the wish of the whole tribe to see her dead. She did not harm anyone, it wasn't even intentional but how could she have known that… Continue reading Sanctuary… The daily prompt

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Favourite Pastime… Three Line Tales Week 21

She heard feet on the road, it's been ages since she had gone out to watch running in the stadium. People watching has been her favourite pastime. She rolled the wheel chair to the window, hoist herself on the window sill armed with binoculars and looked down from the third storey building. Behold a pretty… Continue reading Favourite Pastime… Three Line Tales Week 21

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Music Monday #9

Music Monday will be done a little bit differently again. Last week, I put up a game played by a few Nigerian rock fans. This game was suggested by Sphynx, one of the group admins at NSOR. Click Here to read last week post. This week is a continuation. Playing with band names (2) Here… Continue reading Music Monday #9

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They are at it again!

It's dark again and my sister helps to put off the light each night. Our mother do not understand my obsession about those things. Ghosts that refuse to leave humans in peace. I have told her about a million times that the house we live in a haunted house but she won't believe a word… Continue reading They are at it again!