Five Our front teeth missing We built sandcastles Watched in delight as the waves Smashed it in pieces. Ten We were conscious of our bodies No longer would we bath outside. We would cry if one called us his wife. We began to hear of rape and violence We wonder if it will ever get… Continue reading Timelines


What Have You Achieved?

What have you achieved? I was in the car twentieth of this month. It was a Tuesday and I was returning home from church with a woman I love and respect so much - Mrs. A. I sat in the passenger seat as she drove me and another church member home. Not quite far from… Continue reading What Have You Achieved?


Music Monday #2

Tenth Avenue North - Healing begins So you thought you had to keep this up All the work that you do So we think that you're good And you can't believe it's not enough All the walls you built up Are just glass on the outside So let 'em fall down There's freedom waiting in… Continue reading Music Monday #2


Christmas today.

It's Christmas morn. I am lying on the bed going through Facebook and the WhatsApp. I see many wishes for the Christmas. I try to recollect just one Christmas. Just one memorable celebration and my head is blank. I try to recollect the previous one and that one is blank too. There is no doubt… Continue reading Christmas today.


Giving thanks

Sing praise to the LORD who dwells in Zion. Tell the nation what he has done. Psalm. 9:11 This memory verse in today's thanksgiving service helps me to do a throw back on my life and how far God has helped me thus far. # This year I did a lot of travelling Anambra, Enugu,… Continue reading Giving thanks