A Step Further

For a while, I have been trying to send newsletters. It seem like herculean task. It is supposed to be easy right? For the second time in two years, I opened another account with Mailchimp and it was looking all strange. The first time I opened a Mailchimp account, it was out of curiosity but… Continue reading A Step Further

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Why Should I Care? …Personal post

You have a lot on your plate. Everyone has expectations and you think to yourself "why should I care?" One thing that remains in the forefront of our minds is becoming successful. Mind you, people will try to give you a template for success. This works, that works,you should sign up for this or you… Continue reading Why Should I Care? …Personal post


See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Walks back and forth. "How could you do this?" "Do what?" I raised my head from the book I was reading looking innocent. "You. Stopped. Blogging." "Oh that! I don't know..." I looked down at my fingers. "I'm listening." "I've been busy okay. Just extra busy and I can't drop few lines and run off.… Continue reading See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge

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SHATTERED Lying on my bed in the dark I relieve painful memories. My family and friends think I’m the toughest and I’m immune to pain but if only they could search my soul deeply they would know how it feels like…. It was another weekend and I usually go home. I love it because I return to… Continue reading Shattered

Stream of Consciousness

This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I like pretty women. Did you just read that? Yes, I mean women with assets if you get my drift. At a point, I had to question my being heterosexual. Women are beautiful just the way they are, they have a lovely view. Breasts, hips and backside. When I walk on the road, I find… Continue reading This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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In the way…an update

Life has gotten in the way! I've been struggling to post things here. Wait a sec! I have no struggles in writing, just coming here to post. Since this year began, WordPress has been my haven. I read and connect and to me that makes my day. Recently, I have had to squeeze in time… Continue reading In the way…an update

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Raising my glass…personal

🎼For she is a jolly good fellow 🎶 For she is a jolly good fellow 🎤 For she is a jolly good felloooow! And so says all of us Hurray! A woman of substance is having her birthday today. She is one of the awesome bloggers in this community that has encouraged me to keep… Continue reading Raising my glass…personal

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To my damaged friends.

To my damaged friends Who have being hurt Once and again. To my damaged friends Bludgeoned by circumstances. To my damaged friends Stab by betrayal From family, from friends. To my damaged friends Clubbed by pain From lovers To my friends all over the world Who walk this road With a chip on the shoulders… Continue reading To my damaged friends.


This year? Next year!

My teeth rattles, the spaces between them aches, my flat stomach has no strength and I wanna get out of here. I feel so unlike myself. No soundness here, or there. (I just exaggerated there) Let me wake up in the new year! But that too, ehn? Holds things I don't understand. I don't even… Continue reading This year? Next year!


Love: My safe place

Only joy I know when you love me Only peace I find because you love me I scale over mountains and wade through the deep seas I smile in the midst of the storm because your love is ever constant When I'm afraid your love pulls me close to a place To a place where… Continue reading Love: My safe place