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What if my ex comes back?

I have an ex whom I dated on and off for eight years, it was about to end up in marriage but he pulled the disappearing act on me. I mean someone who literally tells you, “You are beautiful, intelligent, enterprising, but I don’t think you can be respectful after we marry. I don’t trust… Continue reading What if my ex comes back?

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Dear Ejiro

I have a young friend. She clocked 21 about one month ago. 8th October, 2019 she sent me a message on WhatsApp.Hi…good morning Ma’am. I am a newbie in writing… like a real novice who wants to make it in life through writing. I need a teacher. Please, if you don’t mind, can you be… Continue reading Dear Ejiro

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Two days ago, I wrote the post you are about to read on Facebook. It's something happening in Nigeria right now. I didn't think about sharing it with my international audience but last night, a friend said "You express good reasoning through writing and you're a world changer in your own way." This made me… Continue reading THE “SPECIAL PACKAGE”

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RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Friendships die through neglect, and a thriving relationship must have communication. There is no substitute for conversation. Talking situations over, discussing thoughts, and having a dialogue on upsetting issues is all part of the friendship dynamic. Pay attention to these three points when your friendships are faltering.a. Don’t expect others to read your mind. b.… Continue reading RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!



She didn't mean it,It was just a fling.He slapped her,It was the devil's handiwork.She mocked her friend,It was only concern.He ignored her calls for days,Work was exhausting.It was easy to hideBehind the excuses.She knew;He knew.But it was easier to hideThan let everythingFall apart.©2020 Booky Glover Booky's Poetry


Promised to Never leave

You promised to never leave Yet there is no warmth In your dark eyes anymore You promised never to hurt me Yet you break me in me pieces With your silence day to day You promised to ever hold me Yet this grip feels cold And I wish you would let go Your heart is… Continue reading Promised to Never leave


My Top Three Pet Peeves

DAY THREE, Question 3 What are your top three pet peeves? My Top Three Pet Peeves! Well, I had to check the meaning of pet peeve. When I saw that question, I like huh? What does pet peeve mean? So I had to the next thing any layman could do. Ta da da! Google! A… Continue reading My Top Three Pet Peeves

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Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge

Day Two It was my twenty-fifth birthday, my friends had planned a surprise party for me and I was pleasantly surprised. That day AbdulAfeez told me something about myself that I will never forget. He said "Deborah, you different persons in one. You have both good and bad tendencies to the extremes. Discover all the… Continue reading Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge

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"Hey Babe," my voice had a high tilt. "Sweetie, how are you?" his voice sounded bored. "Happy Valentine," I greeted. "What is good about the valentine if you are not here with me?" "Come on babe, don't be a sour puss. I will definitely see you in three days’ time." "Oh yeah? That was what… Continue reading LOVE CREPT IN