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Movie Review : The Woman King

The kingdom of Dahomey is one my father once told me about. He said that they gave the white men a tough time. Even after he watched this movie, he says the story of Jaja of Opobo also needs to be told. 😍

Slave trade was the reigning business. It made kingdoms rich and their kings richer. They captured slaves either for personal use or sell them to white slavers. It was an oppressive business ruling in Africa even before the white men came but when they came, it became more lucrative.

The Oyo Empire was great and they conquered neighbouring kingdoms of which Dahomey was one of, as a result these kingdoms paid tribute to the Oyo Empire.

When a new King – King Ghezo – mounts the throne, there is a change.

Women warriors (Agojie) were not a new thing before King Ghezo but under his reign, they prospered.
History reveals to us that the Agojie were sworn to live and die for the king. Most of these women were virgins, they had no husband and bore no children.

The sword fights in this movie was impressive, the cultural songs and dance. The long age religion of necromancy and consulting Ifa was well portrayed. The General, Nanisca spoke words which stirred these women to battle.

There were four key Agojie whose stories were woven into this epic movie.

Nanisca – The general who lead the women to battle.

Nawi – The young recruit who wanted to be known at all cost.

Amenza – She used her height to her advantage in battle and she chose a suitable weapon.

Izogie – Izogie was the one who worked with recruits closely.

Call me partial but I love Izogie most.

Maria Bello
Dana Stevens
Gina Prince – By The Wood did justice to this movie.

This story is a reminder of how limitless the power in us as long as we do not lose focus.

A part of me is itching to talk about the history of the real Agojie, the framework on which this story is built but I’ll leave that to your personal research. 😊


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