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I have read a lot of books and articles in recent times. Advice bombards my mind from here and there. They say I should make a practice of writing everyday whether it is junk or not. Some say that being a writer does not mean I must sit at my desk and write every day… Continue reading Made for More

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BOOK REVIEW: “Colours of Identity” BY Deji Adeyemi

ABOUT THIS BOOK “Ideas are great, imaginations are better.”Why colours of identity? What are colours of identity?All living beings have identities, shades of our individualities. I think these individualities are natures and colours of what and how we allappear in.Yet, the beauty in diversity makes all these colours combine to produce a knitted platform. These… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Colours of Identity” BY Deji Adeyemi

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JIRO : True life story of a Nigerian girl

The ringing of my phone woke me up. I groan and stretch my hand across the bed to get it. I wonder who could be calling this early. I checked the name and it reads my superwoman. Yeah, that's my mom. But why would she be calling so early this morning when it's just 4:30… Continue reading JIRO : True life story of a Nigerian girl

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Two days ago, I wrote the post you are about to read on Facebook. It's something happening in Nigeria right now. I didn't think about sharing it with my international audience but last night, a friend said "You express good reasoning through writing and you're a world changer in your own way." This made me… Continue reading THE “SPECIAL PACKAGE”


Getting a J. O. B – Part Two

Rita got to Uncle Olu's home at a few minutes past five. That man was the most overbearing man she has ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is no wonder he married an illiterate, the story of love and romance he concocted for the family was a tall story. Uncle Olu has never been… Continue reading Getting a J. O. B – Part Two

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Disclaimer: This is not my typical Sunday post, about God or Christian worship. My views about recent happenings. My heart quakes and I do not understand it all. Perhaps, the world coming to an end. Not just an end, a miserable end and it is not funny anymore. Not that it has been fun or… Continue reading IN THESE TURBULENT TIMES


Yet another soul

In the dark night As I lie in bed I hear the sound of the gun Another soul has been taken away Another life has left our earth. ©Booky Glover, 2017 ***** When I served in the Eastern Nigeria, I experienced this tradition. Once we hear the sound of the gun we know that someone… Continue reading Yet another soul

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A Crescendo of Violence

Living to live Struggling to die Fighting for survival The path many have tried And many will still tread. --- They tear our insides They tear us apart with Many lies and schemes Our strength is zapped We have become lost in the jungle We are caught in a web We are bound in our… Continue reading A Crescendo of Violence

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Our Survival Story

Our fears,  our pain Our experiences, our tears Believing in a change That will never come A change of negativity Dying and Hunger in the streets Stealing and kidnapping Crimes at its zenith Day in, Day out Men devising how to live Our survival story Fighting to live Each day Malnutrition is the order of… Continue reading Our Survival Story