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Music Review : Ameno Amapiano Remix (You wanna Bamba) by Goya Menor & Nektunz

I came across this song on people’s reels and stories, so I got interested. What is this song all about? Is there a meaning to this or is it just another Naija vibes without deep roots.

I took more interest when I saw a white lady jamming to the song, that was when I knew it was finished and I need to research the song.

There is something about music, it doesn’t matter if you understand the lyrics or not, it pulls you in and then you want to dance to it.

Let’s delve into the song.

Verse 1

Hey! Ah!

Ameno ameno…

Oyadepe kirin

Help me tell them how the thing goes (how the thing goes)

Dori me

Shebi meka tamoa

Say my pikin no go join cult

Ha, you want to bamba

You wanna chill with the big boys

Na you dey run kiti kiti

You dey run kata kata

No fit drink water drop cup

Ah! Hey

Shey you see how the thing goes?


Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno

Dimere, dimere, mantiro (Oya tell me na who blend you)

Mantire mo, ameno (and who and who?)

Oman are imperavi emu nare, ameno

Ameno ameno do re

Ameno dori me

Ameno do…

Verse 2

This one, this one no be kind deals

Go school, go school, you do dey press tools

And the parameters sef you wan dey form too

See even your papa no fit save you

For all the calamity wey him pikin don do

Men, all the nigga don dey find you

Cause that nigga wey you peff

Omo, e don puff

Oh boy e don puff

Ah! Hey

Come let’s go

Chorus Dori me, shebi meka tamoa..

Verse 3

Because you’ve made it to the top throne,

let me see what my godfather can do

Cause he is the Father to the fatherless

A mother to the motherless

And nothing no one can do

But promise not to fight again

Not to do anything that will hurt again

Cause if you do na him be say e go hot again

Another time you go run again, I swear

The song is a mix of pidgin English and Benin language. The theme of the song is cultism. One of the prevalent issues we have in Nigeria is cultism in our universities and it has extended its tentacles to some secondary schools.

Power is not something we joke with -coming from traditional roots where magic and the power of gods and goddesses are in full display, people fear anyone who has the ability to conjure these powers to harm other people either as a form of revenge or as a pure act of wickedness.

The rapper started the song by reminding people that if his son ever enters the university, he won’t join cult. When he said, you want to bamba’ it meant ‘you want get initiated?’ however, his son went ahead to join the cult because he wanted to chill with the big boys, he wanted to be a part of those who wield power on campus… In verse two, the rapper was asking him ‘tell me who blend you?’ he wanted to know the names of those who initiated his son.

One of the characteristics of these deadly fraternities is that they have different factions and are always at loggerheads. A particular sect may have fight with another sect and this will lead to their members losing their lives. They count scores with the lives of members who are died during a fight, so if sect A loses two people in a fight and sect B loses one person, that is 2 -1 in favour of sect A. Be assured that sect B will not rest until one person in sect A dies too. Now rival gangs are after his life and he is running helter-skelter for his life (you dey run kiti kiti, you dey run kata kata). This young man has done a lot of bad things, he has probably killed a cultist and they are after his life. This why some young people drop out of school, because they are running for their lives.

In verse three, the rapper tells his son, you’ve made it to the top throne, let me see what my godfather can do… We use godfather for men who may not be our biological father but was there for you in times of need. But the second line opens our eye further to the godfather he is referring to… He is the father to the fatherless. The only person we refer to as father to the fatherless is the Almighty God. In verse 3, the rapper was talking about repentance, if only this boy can decide not to live a destructive lifestyle anymore.

Goya Menor might have chose Ameno by ERA because whenever Big boys in Nigeria order for expensive drinks in a club, they start playing this song.

Imagine you are dancing in a club to your favourite music and suddenly the song changes to Ameno by ERA, you want to be a part of that. You want to buy expensive drinks, you want to be a part of the VIP club. Goya Menor may just have found the perfect song to pass his message across.

Ameno Amapiano is a remix of the original by ERA and it is meant to pass out a strong warning to young people. There is nothing good about cultism, it just another vicious way of life.

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