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NANA (Part 4)

Lying flat on my back, I watched the stars and wondered if they could send message to Nana. The mosquitoes were singing close to my ears but I didn’t mind one bit. There must be something I can do to take care of myself. Besides, I was going to need a phone to keep bugging… Continue reading NANA (Part 4)

Short Story

NANA… A short story

NANA “How can a mother fervently wish her daughter to join the convent and take upon her the sacred oath of chastity and celibacy? What?! Is her daughter a sacrificial lamb to her own God? What happened to her at age 22 when she was jumping from dark corners to meet father? Or do you… Continue reading NANA… A short story

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Your Companions

Hello everyone, There are two kinds of people in the world. The wise and the unwise. There are two kinds of books in the world the wise and the unwise. Your company is not just restricted to people but the books you read, the people you listen to, the Facebook groups you are in, the… Continue reading Your Companions

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Monday 7:00 AM Kingsley stood at the bus stop. It had been over thirty minutes. The buses passing by had full passengers. He decided to move forward. The okada ban couldn't have taken effect so fast. He kept moving forward and full buses kept passing him. Should I go back to Durbar junction? I'm almost… Continue reading O’TREK

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Getting a J. O. B – Part one

Rita Maxwell stepped over the rail to the other side, though it is forbidden by the government in these parts; she knew trains do not take these routes so often anymore. Her black leather slippers makes a crushing sound with the marble stones. She moved quickly to where other people were and smiled. She was… Continue reading Getting a J. O. B – Part one


My Top Three Pet Peeves

DAY THREE, Question 3 What are your top three pet peeves? My Top Three Pet Peeves! Well, I had to check the meaning of pet peeve. When I saw that question, I like huh? What does pet peeve mean? So I had to the next thing any layman could do. Ta da da! Google! A… Continue reading My Top Three Pet Peeves



We are spinning on an axis This way and that way A rotation we dislike deep to our bones Yet as we move we fall away One by one Our eyes holds no magic The tales we told have grown old We are spinning on undefined Hoping and yet hating hope Waiting and yet tired… Continue reading Spinning

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"Hey Babe," my voice had a high tilt. "Sweetie, how are you?" his voice sounded bored. "Happy Valentine," I greeted. "What is good about the valentine if you are not here with me?" "Come on babe, don't be a sour puss. I will definitely see you in three days’ time." "Oh yeah? That was what… Continue reading LOVE CREPT IN

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Release the Reins!

I've had a safe sailing. My transition from a child to adolescence and finally adulthood. I owe this to my ever doting mother who must check everything and make sure everyone and everything are fine and in place and my father who will not cease to talk to me. I've seen troubled adults and when… Continue reading Release the Reins!