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What if my ex comes back?

I have an ex whom I dated on and off for eight years, it was about to end up in marriage but he pulled the disappearing act on me. I mean someone who literally tells you, “You are beautiful, intelligent, enterprising, but I don’t think you can be respectful after we marry. I don’t trust… Continue reading What if my ex comes back?


Handling Rejection

Recently, I spoke with a client I worked for in 2018. I edited his manuscript, he churned out a good story and I was impressed. I had not seen his creative work anywhere. I decided to reach out to him and that was when he told me that he didn’t publish the book like aimed… Continue reading Handling Rejection

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The Red Gown

The Red Gown I had a red gown That went down To my knees With heels So perfect I wanted to be Queen Bee I sang here I wrote there * With my bottled fears With my tears stained face I walked down the aisle As they spoke behind my back The whispers were intentionally… Continue reading The Red Gown

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Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge

Day Two It was my twenty-fifth birthday, my friends had planned a surprise party for me and I was pleasantly surprised. That day AbdulAfeez told me something about myself that I will never forget. He said "Deborah, you different persons in one. You have both good and bad tendencies to the extremes. Discover all the… Continue reading Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge


Words of Wisdom #18

We are lazy, we don't wanna do more but achieving more takes a lot. A lot of effort and drive. ~ Deb Glover Habits are easy to make but difficult to break. But do you know that the bad ones are the more easily formed. Bad habits are pleasurable initally, but frustrating in the end.… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #18

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Toxin accumulation… Streams of Consciousness Saturday

One of the greatest disease (in my opinion) is emotional sickness. Emotional sickness is a state in which an individual harbors ill feelings towards another. It reveals itself as bitterness, hate, anger, maliciousness and envy. These brings an accumulation of toxins in the body. It leads to peptic ulcers, diabetes etc. A great way to… Continue reading Toxin accumulation… Streams of Consciousness Saturday


Words of Wisdom #17

Love is not seen in the words you say but in the things you do. Take right actions today. Saying the truth hurts most times. It hurts the speaker and the listener but it brings freedom. Learn to see the humour in everything. Life is not all doom and gloom. Hope keeps us alive. It… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #17