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Release me!…Poetry

​I woke up with a splitting headache And a sad heart I was born with a clay spoon All the curse words flows into my mind I desperately want out This constricting place This disabling environment This fake - ness I want something more I can be better this I know Look into my eyes… Continue reading Release me!…Poetry


A Third Award

Hello friends,  I am so sorry I haven't been online for the past four days and it even feels like forever. I have been busy with work, I am still adjusting to school resumption. Imagine how surprised I am to discover that a few people still visit my blog to read and I got another… Continue reading A Third Award


A thank you note

I've been on the blogosphere for a year now. Exactly July 12, I clocked one year. It has been an uphill climb. I have met great people such as Jacqueline, A Writer's Life, Buki, Rosema, Miniscule Diary, Temitoria, Deb Riako, Maria, Makaitah Rogue, Soul Gifts, R_Prab Oneta Hayes, Yvonne Lott, Stella, Adebisi Adetunji, Marquessa, Lonely… Continue reading A thank you note