A Step Further

For a while, I have been trying to send newsletters. It seem like herculean task. It is supposed to be easy right? For the second time in two years, I opened another account with Mailchimp and it was looking all strange. The first time I opened a Mailchimp account, it was out of curiosity but… Continue reading A Step Further

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One Foot In front of the Other… Personal

Hello my lovelies, It has been a while I wrote anything worthwhile on this space. The month of February and March I was busy writing a novel. I titled it Wandering Stars. I have been thinking of my blogging and how I haven’t written more than four posts in this year. In my first post… Continue reading One Foot In front of the Other… Personal


Writer quote from Jacqueline

My Writers Cold Feet… - Jacqueline says it just the way it is. I am writing three novels too and it has just been as tasking as she says it. Readers enjoy the work and even bluntly give negative feedbacks; but they really have not understood the crazed love and the demons that drives… Continue reading Writer quote from Jacqueline