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The Sound of Grief

Ever heard the sound of grief?The stench of dead bodies.The smell of death.The gnawing feels of hunger pangs.The sound of the broken clocks. Ever seen what grief looks like?I know what it looks like.The flesh wrinkly and paperedThe smoke rising from demolished housesThe tears that come rushing like a water fallThe bent back hoping for… Continue reading The Sound of Grief


Asking for help

Give me strength To move on For I am weary --- Carry me For my bones Can't take me Any further. --- Lift me For your arms Are safe --- Love me Beyond comprehension For you understand my weaknesses --- Protect me From all harm --- Keep me In your shadow For underneath you are… Continue reading Asking for help


My Creator, My Lover

Let my weary thoughts run in different directions Let peace come to stay in its stead Let me soar One with the sky blue In bliss, pure joy Love unending.   Let me be blessed beyond measure Let my cup run over Fill me with the knowledge That you will never let me alone That… Continue reading My Creator, My Lover

Sunday Corner

Heal Lord, Heal!

Heal Heal my broken heart For I'm weary and the sores are festering Heal my broken spirit For I need the joy that wells from the heart Heal my country For the Enemy has plundered her Heal our families For our children are into many vices Heal Lord, Heal! Stretch forth your hands to heal… Continue reading Heal Lord, Heal!

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Words of Wisdom #12

🌟 Be thankful for that little you have, see the beauty in small and insignificant things around you. 🌟 Live each day to fulfill your purpose let your activities each day bring you closer to your dreams. 🌟 Keep company of people who let you to be true to yourself; people who will not judge… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #12


Better Days

Hello Goodbye Today we meet Tomorrow we part Going separate ways We pray for better days In this stifling place We pray for freedom Freedom from the Men of Gun Men of sword Men of Khaki in Agbada May my beloved country Be once again free Free from these invisible chains That bind us May… Continue reading Better Days


Living on a prayer

I wait everyday upon my watch I listen everyday to that inner voice I speak the words that should bring comfort to my lonely heart I pray every hour that these trials should pass With my whole heart in earnest supplication I plead I ask for a big break Alas, I am living on a… Continue reading Living on a prayer