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On the edge…Open Letter (Fiction)

​Dear Crush, Here I stand watching you, the way you smile enthralls me deep into my soul. I look at you and everything, every little thing you do touches a part of me that I never knew existed. You're the handsome one, you're the guy who rides the blue Porsche down the road, you're the… Continue reading On the edge…Open Letter (Fiction)

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The Temptress…Poetry

​She walks with a sway Hips ever tempting She is the One The One Mama warned you of She looks in your direction And you melt Her red flowing gown Adds to the appeal She is as sweet as sin She is the one who will Take you to the depth Hold you flying above… Continue reading The Temptress…Poetry

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Nothing Left… Short Story

There he stood looking at me, the gaze was empty. It was as if he wasn't just here. He was really not looking at me, the fire had gone out of his eyes. He looked tired in his white shirt and black trouser with the brief case in hand and the sight was so pathetic.… Continue reading Nothing Left… Short Story

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Cupid has a shot gun…Poetry

​Cupid used to be here With halo so pure Cherubic faced Shoots with an arrow --- Cupid hovers over the town Tonight people are falling Over and again in love Arrows pierce their hearts --- Cupids shoots at me Once and twice He shoot again and again Till his quiver went empty --- His arrows… Continue reading Cupid has a shot gun…Poetry

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Living in the moment …Poetry

​All we got is here and now All we have is this time Hold me and let's have this Do you need a reason to love me? Do I need a reason to love you? --- We are the perfect strangers We talk on the phone non stop Chatting each time we can We are… Continue reading Living in the moment …Poetry

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Bleeding dry for you…Poetry

​You are beautiful Your smile is great The universe stands In awe as you walk by --- Pretty lady Some man will sweep you off Ride away with you To sunset yellow --- He will write better words for you He will make you laugh He will make you cry He will bleed dry for… Continue reading Bleeding dry for you…Poetry