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Living in the moment …Poetry

​All we got is here and now

All we have is this time

Hold me and let’s have this

Do you need a reason to love me?

Do I need a reason to love you?

We are the perfect strangers

We talk on the phone non stop

Chatting each time we can

We are different in culture

As night and day

Don’t worry your head

About what tomorrow will bring

Let’s bask in what we’ve got

Whether it last forever or not

It is worth taking the risk

Tonight hold me in your arms

Let’s do the slow waltz

Don’t mind my awkward steps

I’ll sway from side to side

After all, we might turn out well.

Smile, laugh hard, hug me close

This moment will be etched in me

Carved on my heart

Printed on the timeline

A picture to forever hold.

©Deborah Glover, 2016


Today’s prompt is Perfect strangers by Jonas Blue.

Thanks Rosema and Sarah for being lovely hostesses.

Until next time,


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