A New Book – Wandering Stars

I published a book 24th August, 2018. Wandering Stars is not the first book I've written. However, I published it first. March 31st, I completed the manuscript so I could submit the book for the Dusty Manuscript Competition powered by Guarantee Trust Bank and Okadabooks. My book wasn't chosen for reasons best known to them.… Continue reading A New Book – Wandering Stars


See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Walks back and forth. "How could you do this?" "Do what?" I raised my head from the book I was reading looking innocent. "You. Stopped. Blogging." "Oh that! I don't know..." I looked down at my fingers. "I'm listening." "I've been busy okay. Just extra busy and I can't drop few lines and run off.… Continue reading See Who’s Back… 30 Days Writing Challenge


What Have You Achieved?

What have you achieved? I was in the car twentieth of this month. It was a Tuesday and I was returning home from church with a woman I love and respect so much - Mrs. A. I sat in the passenger seat as she drove me and another church member home. Not quite far from… Continue reading What Have You Achieved?


The Skies are Laced with Hope

It is a new year. Exactly twenty days into the new year. I started the year with so many apprehensions and indecisions. I finally got the laptop I have always wanted. I have always thought that the possession of a laptop will make my work any easier but it only helped to the extent I… Continue reading The Skies are Laced with Hope

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Open Letter to an Ex

When I came back from my three months break I wrote a post about how blessed I am and happy. I promised to share some of my experiences and this is the first one I'll share.  My ex came back! For what? Read on and enjoy! ***** Dear Ex, It's been a year and three months… Continue reading Open Letter to an Ex


A Vicious Cycle

Tomorrow January ends. I have not done so much blogging this month. I always wanted to do it differently this year. I couldn't bring myself to commit to everyday blogging. I couldn't even say I will blog every thrice each week. I once spoke about my battles with depression which swamps me at odd times… Continue reading A Vicious Cycle

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Life can be pretty too…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

There are days when I walk on sunshine, those are pretty days. The flowers look brighter, the clouds are a different blue and very thing seems so pretty and just in the right place. This week has not been any of that for me. I got a new job as a secretary in a company,… Continue reading Life can be pretty too…Streams of Consciousness Saturday


Taking A Break

Recharge Hello great people of the internet and friends. I have to say this. I have to do this. I am going through a work filled mind, occasional blankness, overfilled brain, easy forgetfulness. It is exhausting. A kind of when your phone memory is almost full and the phone begins to hook and slow down… Continue reading Taking A Break


My Transition… Word High July

Yugto Yugto - A fundamental transition or  development of a story or phenomenon. As a child, I thought as a child. I enjoyed the simple things life had to offer, I knew no pain, no sadness. But then I grew, (sighs). An adolescent with a curious mind was I. I probed and prodded into almost… Continue reading My Transition… Word High July