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Is cheating gender-based?

We all know what it means to cheat on another person. When we were kids, we regarded cheating as someone who takes away what rightfully belongs to us. We call it cheating. Cheating in a relationship means you are sexually unfaithful to your partner. You decide to have sex outside the confines of your marriage… Continue reading Is cheating gender-based?

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Feeling Overwhelmed

Last night, I was overwhelmed with how much I have on my plate. These days I get so busy and I find it hard to keep in touch with friends. It has been a major flaw for as long as I can remember. However, it is in times like this, I wish someone will just… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed

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10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Day One Mandy Hale once said that happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life. Having said that, I don't know if I have up to ten things that makes me really, but then let's go this journey.. 1. Listening to Music "If music be the food of… Continue reading 10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy… 30 Days Writing Challenge



We are spinning on an axis This way and that way A rotation we dislike deep to our bones Yet as we move we fall away One by one Our eyes holds no magic The tales we told have grown old We are spinning on undefined Hoping and yet hating hope Waiting and yet tired… Continue reading Spinning


Adrift Life’s Sea

Seven years ago, we met Our stars were criss crossed We were one of a kind  And the whole world cheered us on We were cast adrift life sea We had each other In the midst of the storm In the darkest night You could hold on no more ---- Perhaps we won't drown Perhaps… Continue reading Adrift Life’s Sea

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Living in the moment …Poetry

​All we got is here and now All we have is this time Hold me and let's have this Do you need a reason to love me? Do I need a reason to love you? --- We are the perfect strangers We talk on the phone non stop Chatting each time we can We are… Continue reading Living in the moment …Poetry

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Words of Wisdom #15

⭐ How do you speak? Many times, we've had quarrels that could have been avoided. We are advised many a time to practice active listening but today I want us to look into this subject. HOW DO YOU SPEAK? When you discuss with friends, family and even foes you need to be mindful of the… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #15

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

Lovers Trouble

Sade and Kunle sat in the yellow painted room. They had been arguing and it felt like they were both frustrated with what they have. "Why don't we just take a break, from this relationship?" Sade said. "That's the same thing as leaving. I don't understand it. I love you and you love me...." "Then… Continue reading Lovers Trouble

Word High July

Word High July …Day Three (Tinatangi)

Tinatangi Tinatangi - special someone I write poems for you That is how beautiful you are I write stories about you That shows how special you are There are pieces of you in my stories and poetry That's how important you are Your embrace reminds me I am not alone Your hands on mine Reassure… Continue reading Word High July …Day Three (Tinatangi)

Word High July

Word High July… Day Two (Timpi)

Timpi Timpi - to control one self I love him so and it is so real. It not the teary-dazed-daydreaming kind. I want to be there for him. I want to help him. I want to be his shoulders when he is tired. I want to be the voice that prompts him towards great things.… Continue reading Word High July… Day Two (Timpi)