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Open Letter to an Ex

When I came back from my three months break I wrote a post about how blessed I am and happy. I promised to share some of my experiences and this is the first one I'll share.  My ex came back! For what? Read on and enjoy! ***** Dear Ex, It's been a year and three months… Continue reading Open Letter to an Ex

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Learn to Forget

We live and die. Sometimes we forget to breath, we forget to forget the things that hurt and we remember to count the losses and the pains. I'm turning it all around. I am choosing to let go. I'm choosing happiness. I'm sticking to a faith that believes in the good that can be. ©Booky… Continue reading Learn to Forget


Into Familiar Waters

Where do I begin from? I should start from the end. I am happy, content and blessed. Phew! I didn't get there in one breath, I began this year with a lot of struggles; I couldn't write stories it felt like the Muse shut herself up. I was battling with depression, intense anger at the… Continue reading Into Familiar Waters

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Keep Moving Forward

​“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”  ~ Martin Luther King Jr. One Liner Wednesday. ***** Thank God, I've been a lot better. I am taking each day with all the bravery and courage my little heart can muster. I recently have issues with my… Continue reading Keep Moving Forward

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Our Greed, Their Greed

​They came with their schemes They promised us a 30% They were indeed doing this They called out to the greed in us --- We embraced them We swallowed their truths Hook, line and sinker Our deal was signed sealed and delivered --- We gladly preached them like the gospel We spoke to friends we… Continue reading Our Greed, Their Greed

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Haircut…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Hair There are certain people in my life. They are good at infuriating me. They make me pull at my hair in frustration. These are family some are friends. Talking about my hair, I have had my hair cut about three or four times. I delight in looking like a very younger version of me.… Continue reading Haircut…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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We Were Friends!…Poetry

​The golden sun danced into the sky, leaving the wide land dark and formidable. The shadow cast a sadness upon us and made us long for home again. We were warriors far away from father land. In a land we knew nothing of We had come to serve --- In one mind we set to… Continue reading We Were Friends!…Poetry


A Vicious Cycle

Tomorrow January ends. I have not done so much blogging this month. I always wanted to do it differently this year. I couldn't bring myself to commit to everyday blogging. I couldn't even say I will blog every thrice each week. I once spoke about my battles with depression which swamps me at odd times… Continue reading A Vicious Cycle

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Life… Poetry

Life is fleeting Like the rose in the morn Withers in the night We have naught to show for our toils. --- Life is purple A shade of doom and bliss We get on a quest that never ends Treading on to El-dorado --- Life is a hawk It swops down to steal us Catching… Continue reading Life… Poetry


​Living In The Metropolis of Lagos

I was born in Lagos and it has been my home for as long as forever. Lagos held no much interest for me until I left Lagos to othe part of Nigeria. I have been to Ondo, Anambra, Oyo, Ogun state. These places had a different lifestyle. Lagos is composed of about one tenth of… Continue reading ​Living In The Metropolis of Lagos