Identity Crisis… Personal 

As 2016 came to an end I began to get a bit concerned about my name and using it. Like I revealed in the Mysterious Blogger post, my name is Booky. I want to get published this year hopefully. However there is a battle within me. Do I use Deborah Glover? Do I use Booky… Continue reading Identity Crisis… Personal 

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Raising my glass…personal

🎼For she is a jolly good fellow 🎶 For she is a jolly good fellow 🎤 For she is a jolly good felloooow! And so says all of us Hurray! A woman of substance is having her birthday today. She is one of the awesome bloggers in this community that has encouraged me to keep… Continue reading Raising my glass…personal


Borne with pride!

Just nineteen days ago, I got an award and I am receiving another so soon. It's a lovely thing when other bloggers recognise how well you do what you do. My heart is bursting with appreciation, thanks Buki for nominating me for this One Lovely Blog Award. God bless you, dear Buki Kindly adhere to… Continue reading Borne with pride!


To my Valentine

Dear Val, Here's a fair warning. Status : Slender female, hips less, boob-less Quirks : Voracious appetite, Dances terribly (might step on your feet many times than I wish to count), unintended angry stares, a great tendency to snap at you Your Quality : Good sense of humour (No dry jokes allowed), Great patience, Punctuality,… Continue reading To my Valentine


First Award here!

The Short black girl ( ) nominated me for this award. There is nothing more lovely than getting recognized by other bloggers.... ( Rosmawrites quote paraphrased ) Thanks a bunch Short Black Girl. God bless you. Seven facts about myself. 1. I am an avid reader. 2. In social media, I prefer to… Continue reading First Award here!


The store for Self

Leah Reich @ohheygreat I just now realized self storage really is where you store all your past selves. 11:28 AM - 21 Jun 2015 I have always been told that I have multiple personality and I should be careful to only hold on the good person and muffle the voice of the bad person. I… Continue reading The store for Self