Hike up your skirt…poetry

Hike Hike up your skirt It's time Cross to the other side It's time to leave The sorrow behind The past victories Time to face  Unfamiliar grounds Move to the other side Let your adventurous spirit Lead you on Hike up your skirt baby No one will do it for you. © Deborah Glover, 2016… Continue reading Hike up your skirt…poetry


My Mistake…The Daily Post

Mistake How was I to know that You were insensitive How was I to know You would rip me open Throw me to the dogs Let them have me for dinner How was I to know You would get to the place you no longer care How was I to know You would turn to… Continue reading My Mistake…The Daily Post



A tricky pull On my heart Showing me A glimpse of the past A careless tug On my heart Reminding me Of what should have been A twisted pain In my heart Depriving me Of moments that are mine © Deborah Glover Image credit; m.123rf.com ***** In response to the daily post prompt Deprive Until… Continue reading Deprived


Lessons From First Corinthians

My Bible commands that I do everything decently and in order. (1st Corinthians 14:40) Well, today's prompt orderly reminds me of this. I just could not shake it off. 🌟The first rule here is that everything should be done. 🌟The second rule is that these things should be decent and 🌟Finally, it should be in… Continue reading Lessons From First Corinthians


City of Bricks… Friday Fiction

City of Bricks He had no other intentions at heart, these brick walls must be finished before dawn. He set the men to work, no one slept the lights were on. The women cooked and some helped carry sand and cement, the children were not left out either. It was either this or the enemy… Continue reading City of Bricks… Friday Fiction

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Use Them Lungs…Sing!

Well, sing, sing at the top of your voice, Love without fear in your heart. Feel, feel like you still have a choice If we all light up we can scare away the dark We wish our weekdays away Spend our weekends in bed Drink ourselves stupid And work ourselves dead And all just because… Continue reading Use Them Lungs…Sing!



Abandoned by the street Naked Babe Quiet and still Sleeping in a basket Left to fate Left to the mercy of strangers Image credit: pixabay Abandoned in a room Left hungry and tired Without lights Running rats here and there Creepy room Freaking out of the skin Mental torture Not knowing how long Abandoned as… Continue reading Abandoned

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Our Survival Story

Our fears,  our pain Our experiences, our tears Believing in a change That will never come A change of negativity Dying and Hunger in the streets Stealing and kidnapping Crimes at its zenith Day in, Day out Men devising how to live Our survival story Fighting to live Each day Malnutrition is the order of… Continue reading Our Survival Story