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Spell Bound

There are so many things I have found, that arrest people's attention. Movies, a painting, books, a good story and sometimes a beautiful person. Have you ever wondered why those in the show biz always want to look spotless and sparkling. They want people spell bound. They want you asking for more. When we sit… Continue reading Spell Bound

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Did I Just Say That?…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

​I was dating a man my family did not approve of. He wanted to see me on a Saturday. I couldn't because I had no excuse. The hanging out with friends excuse won't work, because all my friends do not live in the area. My parents will permit my outing if it were work related.… Continue reading Did I Just Say That?…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

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This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I like pretty women. Did you just read that? Yes, I mean women with assets if you get my drift. At a point, I had to question my being heterosexual. Women are beautiful just the way they are, they have a lovely view. Breasts, hips and backside. When I walk on the road, I find… Continue reading This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Our Experiences… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

It is life. It is for living. Many times we just go through motions, circles, unending dramas and we deal with demons. Our experiences make us or mar us. Our experiences affect us in both positive and negative ways. --- Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ex.” Find a word that includes… Continue reading Our Experiences… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

Amihan (Day 21) : Word High July Amihan - Northeast wind, breeze Word High July Last week, I taught the topic Ecology and one important abiotic factor - Wind, in the terrestrial habitat. Wind is air in motion. I discovered in the course of teaching that class that the northeast wind brings harmattan to Nigeria.… Continue reading Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria


Word High July: Marahuyo

Marahuyo (Day 16) Marahuyo - To be enchanted I met him only once. I never spoke to him and he was obviously the ladies man. They flocked around him, trying to get his attention. I remember sitting a little distance away watching him. He had brown eyes. In these parts, most people have black iris… Continue reading Word High July: Marahuyo


Harana (Day 13) Word High July

Harana Harana - The act of wooing someone by serenading him or her Word High July It was January 15, 2016 and it was my friend's birthday. The date is a little significant because a friend of mine played me an original song playing on his guitar. 🎼I have seen the Mummies and pyramids of… Continue reading Harana (Day 13) Word High July

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Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8

Silakbo Silakbo - Emotional outburst Word High July I do not intend for this to be a long post. It might be and you may as well enjoy the ride with me. Passive aggression according to Wikipedia is the indirect expression of hostility. The signs show in procrastination, emotional outbursts, sarcastic remarks, mocking other people,… Continue reading Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8


Lessons From First Corinthians

My Bible commands that I do everything decently and in order. (1st Corinthians 14:40) Well, today's prompt orderly reminds me of this. I just could not shake it off. 🌟The first rule here is that everything should be done. 🌟The second rule is that these things should be decent and 🌟Finally, it should be in… Continue reading Lessons From First Corinthians

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Pang of jealousy

Does the heart ever understand all the theories ever taught it? Does it remember to behave right when it ought to? I have always prided myself as one with good self esteem and positive self image. I try not to let the successes of others to get to me. I teach myself that we all… Continue reading Pang of jealousy