3Line Tales

Dark Soul…Three Line Tales

Alex sat in the dark. The skies were very black and the whole village he could see from the hill which stood like a monstrosity. All the crimes he had committed are yet to come to limelight. No one sees the truth behind his smiles. The farmer daughter he raped. The old woman he stole… Continue reading Dark Soul…Three Line Tales

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The Picture… Three Line Tales.

They were the loveliest cakes ever. I had a picture, hanging on my wall. A reminiscence of all the good times, my siblings and I had. When our Mama cupcakes were our best highlights. Though she is gone, the cupcakes time will forever be a part of us. © Deborah Glover, 2016 Image credit; Stephanie… Continue reading The Picture… Three Line Tales.

3Line Tales


Arianna stood at the top of the watch tower, this had been her practice ever since James went to war against the Saxons. There has been no news and she would not let the long wait deter her from keeping an occasional watch each evening till the moon came out. She prayed every night fervently… Continue reading Waiting

3Line Tales


In these sails, there lived a boy, who did all the odd jobs at sea. He has to go through the windy nights, the gun fights and those bullies. Once he became a man, there was no stopping him. He would sail to conquer the world. Photo credit; Charlie Harutaka The THREE LINE TALES; WEEK TEN… Continue reading Sail!

3Line Tales

The Quiet Inn

One word gotten after a long while of shuffling the squares. The others blurred before her eyes as she got the word QUIET The Quiet Inn, that deserted place, where her worst nightmare began. Shutting her eyes, she bowled over as  pain shot through her heart. The forgotten past became back to life in a… Continue reading The Quiet Inn

3Line Tales

In these colors

Representing nations, representing creed, people and race, All together we stood looking at these colorful flags With a resolve to respect what they stand for, my Indian friend and I held hands in silence. Different thoughts running through our minds. Photo credit : Liam Desic In response to the 3 Line Tales, photo prompt by… Continue reading In these colors