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Bleeding dry for you…Poetry

​You are beautiful

Your smile is great

The universe stands

In awe as you walk by

Pretty lady

Some man will sweep you off

Ride away with you

To sunset yellow

He will write better words for you

He will make you laugh

He will make you cry

He will bleed dry for you

You will know it is real

You will feel it deep down

You will be happy

He will love you so.

© Deborah Glover, 2016.

A poem for Eva, an acquaintance whose beauty captivates me.

Image credit; Maih Evelyn


I’ve decided to join the November notes since I love music and I get inspired by it.

I found this challenge on Maria’s blog and it’s hosted by two beautiful women Rosema and Sarah.

The prompt for today is Yellow by Coldplay.

Until next time,


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