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Dear Friends,Recently, I’ve been going through studies on waiting on God and I am also in the waiting period in my life. We don’t want to wait. I know I don’t wait to wait. Close friends of mine know I can’t deal with anything slow. Slow chats, slow typing, slow writing, slow internet connection or… Continue reading WAITING ON GOD : AN OPEN LETTER TO FELLOW CHRISTIANS LIKE ME

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More about Wandering Stars

Temitope is a press photographer. She travels to different parts of Nigeria in order to do her job. She meets a celebrity in one of her journey; Matthew Bliss. Pastor Henry, Pastor Bassey and Pastor Mike had congregations, two were false and only one was a genuine pastor. They all had their struggles and the… Continue reading More about Wandering Stars


Stay on Course Child

Stay on course child, Stay on course Take your focus off the wind And look to me Don't fear your wings They are just enough to fly with * Run to me child, Run to me My arms are open ever waiting In my arms I'll carry you They are big enough to keep you… Continue reading Stay on Course Child


Asking for help

Give me strength To move on For I am weary --- Carry me For my bones Can't take me Any further. --- Lift me For your arms Are safe --- Love me Beyond comprehension For you understand my weaknesses --- Protect me From all harm --- Keep me In your shadow For underneath you are… Continue reading Asking for help


My Creator, My Lover

Let my weary thoughts run in different directions Let peace come to stay in its stead Let me soar One with the sky blue In bliss, pure joy Love unending.   Let me be blessed beyond measure Let my cup run over Fill me with the knowledge That you will never let me alone That… Continue reading My Creator, My Lover

Sunday Corner

Heal Lord, Heal!

Heal Heal my broken heart For I'm weary and the sores are festering Heal my broken spirit For I need the joy that wells from the heart Heal my country For the Enemy has plundered her Heal our families For our children are into many vices Heal Lord, Heal! Stretch forth your hands to heal… Continue reading Heal Lord, Heal!

Sunday Corner

The Unchanging God

People change. It has been our nature to change, either from good to bad or bad to good. However, this morning a word from the scriptures kept ringing in my heart. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is never changing. This means that his words hold true, no matter how long he… Continue reading The Unchanging God


Made Plain, Complicated Transformation 

Complicated We read about this in church today and it gave me a lot to think about. Life shouldn't be as complicated as it is but we made it so. We set unwritten rules for ourselves and others, we set standards that we must abide by. If only we can be plain (truthful) in our… Continue reading Made Plain, Complicated Transformation 


Do you love me?

When I walk through Life's darkest moments When I need you to guide me When there lies The desperation in my soul When my flesh and heart fails When I look around trying to feel you near me When I seek your face and come back with nothing When the angels ought to watch over… Continue reading Do you love me?