She didn't mean it,It was just a fling.He slapped her,It was the devil's handiwork.She mocked her friend,It was only concern.He ignored her calls for days,Work was exhausting.It was easy to hideBehind the excuses.She knew;He knew.But it was easier to hideThan let everythingFall apart.©2020 Booky Glover Booky's Poetry


Asking for help

Give me strength To move on For I am weary --- Carry me For my bones Can't take me Any further. --- Lift me For your arms Are safe --- Love me Beyond comprehension For you understand my weaknesses --- Protect me From all harm --- Keep me In your shadow For underneath you are… Continue reading Asking for help


Christmas Lights!

Christmas in the air Such a merry spirit Fills my soul I raise my drink to you I celebrate you my friends A king was born A saviour was given You don't believe in him? Well I do Does that make any difference Between you and I No it doesn't He preached love And that's… Continue reading Christmas Lights!


Still Alone.

I love him. My heart is feeling sad that we can't agree on the point of religious beliefs. He loves me too.  Love has never been enough. That I realise over and over.  As I told him tonight that we shouldn't be together if we can't agree on this, I felt my just mending heart… Continue reading Still Alone.