An update

Recently, some of you might notice that I come here to post poetry and then run off again for a while. I've been experiencing power failure at my end more often than not. I still write at every opportunity I get though. I'm through with the WASSCE coordination in the school and I'm no longer… Continue reading An update


Borne with pride!

Just nineteen days ago, I got an award and I am receiving another so soon. It's a lovely thing when other bloggers recognise how well you do what you do. My heart is bursting with appreciation, thanks Buki for nominating me for this One Lovely Blog Award. God bless you, dear Buki Kindly adhere to… Continue reading Borne with pride!


Just for you

You were there when I started, Your words guided me, You silently encouraged me Cheering me to Victory. Everyday my writing improve Because you are there waiting To read all I have to say Whether they make sense or not Thank you for being here You are special And that is how I feel Special… Continue reading Just for you