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My first Sci-Fi story

Afriverve came up with a writing challenge, it had to be an African story set in Mars. I wrote a short story titled Saving the Day. It is the first time I'll write anything of this nature. Please read and if it impresses you enough, vote for my story with the two words I Vote.… Continue reading My first Sci-Fi story


Hike up your skirt…poetry

Hike Hike up your skirt It's time Cross to the other side It's time to leave The sorrow behind The past victories Time to face  Unfamiliar grounds Move to the other side Let your adventurous spirit Lead you on Hike up your skirt baby No one will do it for you. © Deborah Glover, 2016… Continue reading Hike up your skirt…poetry

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Lifetime Crush…Three Line Tales

She couldn't believe her eyes, what he has become was so far from the person he used to be. Tim was her lifetime crush and she always compared all the men in her life to him. Tim was still fun to be with, he was everything he used to be but with the newly acquired… Continue reading Lifetime Crush…Three Line Tales

Word High July

Word High July…day one (Kilig)

Kilig Kilig - butterflies in one's stomach He wasn't handsome He rarely smiles Carrying around the hurt That is betrayed by the smoke In his eyes He thinks I'm the most pretty The most pretty thing ever He had to go away For three weeks Three knocks on my door There he stands With flowers… Continue reading Word High July…day one (Kilig)

3Line Tales


In these sails, there lived a boy, who did all the odd jobs at sea. He has to go through the windy nights, the gun fights and those bullies. Once he became a man, there was no stopping him. He would sail to conquer the world. Photo credit; Charlie Harutaka The THREE LINE TALES; WEEK TEN… Continue reading Sail!

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The Treasure

She intends to read them all, her mother bequeath this to her. She sat on the floor and read and read and read.... As dusk fell, her stomach started to growl and her eyes grew heavy, her head droops as she tries to stay awake. Photo Credit : Glen Noble *  *  * Three Line… Continue reading The Treasure

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Turned tables

In the elevator, she felt so cramped, the boss had demand to see her. Sweat broke out from every pore of her skin, trickling down. Before the great conference table, she looked at the grave faces. "Congratulations, you've been promoted, Manager of ICT department." Photo Credit : Alyssa Smith *    *    * In response to… Continue reading Turned tables