A tricky pull On my heart Showing me A glimpse of the past A careless tug On my heart Reminding me Of what should have been A twisted pain In my heart Depriving me Of moments that are mine © Deborah Glover Image credit; m.123rf.com ***** In response to the daily post prompt Deprive Until… Continue reading Deprived


City of Bricks… Friday Fiction

City of Bricks He had no other intentions at heart, these brick walls must be finished before dawn. He set the men to work, no one slept the lights were on. The women cooked and some helped carry sand and cement, the children were not left out either. It was either this or the enemy… Continue reading City of Bricks… Friday Fiction



I have a constant smile on my face I have a weird kind of laugh That makes every head turn And when I giggle it is for a reason That time we drank lots of palm wine That day I cooked oats with lots of salt and little sugar That day I had to pull… Continue reading Giggle


Falling into the silence

As the golden sun Sinks into the sky Across the horizon birds fly Dark draws near Standing by the bed A cautious bed spread Smooth and soft A pillow, cover cloth and me So it's bedtime again Lying on the bed Trying to rest My tired bones and weary feet Then I remember Those Unwritten… Continue reading Falling into the silence