Disclaimer: What you are about to read stems from my personal experience. If writers can relate then I can confidently say I have spoken for us all. I am a writer. I am almost tempted to write that about ten times so it can sink into your minds but I won’t. I believe it is… Continue reading THE SOLDIERS WITH A PEN

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Dear Ejiro

I have a young friend. She clocked 21 about one month ago. 8th October, 2019 she sent me a message on WhatsApp.Hi…good morning Ma’am. I am a newbie in writing… like a real novice who wants to make it in life through writing. I need a teacher. Please, if you don’t mind, can you be… Continue reading Dear Ejiro


The Struggles of a Nigerian Writer

Disclaimer I am angry. I am sad. This post is a rant. If you don't want to hear some disturbing stuff, please don't read! *** Life should have come with a manual then I would strategize on what to do when it hits me this way or that way. I hate the stress I have… Continue reading The Struggles of a Nigerian Writer