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RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Friendships die through neglect, and a thriving relationship must have communication. There is no substitute for conversation. Talking situations over, discussing thoughts, and having a dialogue on upsetting issues is all part of the friendship dynamic. Pay attention to these three points when your friendships are faltering.a. Don’t expect others to read your mind. b.… Continue reading RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

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Ball of fire #SoCS

Many a times the Bible warns against anger. 'Do not let the sun go down on your wrath', 'an angry man is like a city broken down without walls', 'anger lies in the bosom of fools', 'do not associate with an angry person lest you learn his ways'... and so it continues. There are times… Continue reading Ball of fire #SoCS


Music Monday #3

Bowling for soup - When we die ...Nothing's worth losing Especially the chance to make it right And I know that we're gonna be fine And the tattooed mistakes Are gonna fade over time As long as we live, time passes by And we won't get it back when we die.... Friendships can get ruined… Continue reading Music Monday #3