On the Glade

The light was flickering Out went the embers Out went the fire The insides so dark The rain went drip-drip Shivers ran down my spine The cold gripped my very being Because we had to meet On the glade once again My feet grips the soil My hand on the sword Here I come to… Continue reading On the Glade



Five Our front teeth missing We built sandcastles Watched in delight as the waves Smashed it in pieces. Ten We were conscious of our bodies No longer would we bath outside. We would cry if one called us his wife. We began to hear of rape and violence We wonder if it will ever get… Continue reading Timelines



She didn't mean it,It was just a fling.He slapped her,It was the devil's handiwork.She mocked her friend,It was only concern.He ignored her calls for days,Work was exhausting.It was easy to hideBehind the excuses.She knew;He knew.But it was easier to hideThan let everythingFall apart.©2020 Booky Glover Booky's Poetry

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The Sound of Grief

Ever heard the sound of grief?The stench of dead bodies.The smell of death.The gnawing feels of hunger pangs.The sound of the broken clocks. Ever seen what grief looks like?I know what it looks like.The flesh wrinkly and paperedThe smoke rising from demolished housesThe tears that come rushing like a water fallThe bent back hoping for… Continue reading The Sound of Grief

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The Walk (Spoken Word)

The Walk(Spoken Word) Nobody knocked the door that brought down the house But somebody struck the match that burnt up the mouse Everyone wanted to accept the wealth they can condone But little did they know they will have to walk alone. Strike the shepherd, the flock disperses Little lambs scouring for forage Eating and… Continue reading The Walk (Spoken Word)


Will you?

Will you come to me In the dark of night Will you kiss me And drown out my fears Will you love me Till the end of time Will you trust me With your pains Will you let my arms Comfort you Will you allow me To be there for you Will you do the… Continue reading Will you?

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The Count Down

Tick tock tick tock Can you hear the clock? It's the count down to the future The times we have now is a mixture Of the good, bad and all things in between Lend me your ears, your hands entwine In anticipation Of the unheard abolition Stiff stuff stuck slow slit Explains it The unbearable… Continue reading The Count Down

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Love Came to Stay

Come with me Let me take you on a journey Let me tell a story of love At first sight Let me tell you How my heart went away with a stranger How my heart betrayed all my resolve to remain single Come let me tell you A story of faith and temptations A story… Continue reading Love Came to Stay

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The Red Gown

The Red Gown I had a red gown That went down To my knees With heels So perfect I wanted to be Queen Bee I sang here I wrote there * With my bottled fears With my tears stained face I walked down the aisle As they spoke behind my back The whispers were intentionally… Continue reading The Red Gown


Promised to Never leave

You promised to never leave Yet there is no warmth In your dark eyes anymore You promised never to hurt me Yet you break me in me pieces With your silence day to day You promised to ever hold me Yet this grip feels cold And I wish you would let go Your heart is… Continue reading Promised to Never leave