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Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge

Day Two

It was my twenty-fifth birthday, my friends had planned a surprise party for me and I was pleasantly surprised. That day AbdulAfeez told me something about myself that I will never forget. He said “Deborah, you different persons in one. You have both good and bad tendencies to the extremes. Discover all the good part you can be and hold on to them.”

These words did not only bring tears to my eyes, they also made me reflect. I lay on bed that night after the party and dancing and I thought carefully on all the advices and words that were spoken to me.

After I left the NYSC program, so many things happened to me; from heartbreak to depression. These words kept coming back to me. I had it in me to be good and I had to hold on to that part of me instead of letting go and giving excuses.
I held on to all the good I could be.

I promised myself that I am never going to give up on myself and God no matter what happens.

These words were my special creed. I repeated them when suicidal thoughts came to mind and each time I spoke about the depression and the feel of utter helplessness to Jeffery, I said these words of affirmation. So far, I have been faithful to these words.

Thank God for people who touch our lives in special ways that they do not fathom.

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3 thoughts on “Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Would Never Forget…30 Days Writing Challenge”

  1. Your post has made me think about your special creed. I know what it is like to give up on ones self. It is only easy to get back when you call on God and make a deal for help in exchange for never going backwards again ever. Stand by your creed !!

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