Sunday Corner

RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Friendships die through neglect, and a thriving relationship must have communication. There is no substitute for conversation. Talking situations over, discussing thoughts, and having a dialogue on upsetting issues is all part of the friendship dynamic. Pay attention to these three points when your friendships are faltering.a. Don’t expect others to read your mind. b.… Continue reading RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Short Story

Kinaadman… Word High July

Kinaadman Kinaadman - Knowledge, wisdom The gray hair was a symbol. The lines that creases at the forehead and beside his eyes were a sign. They told stories. They were showing how many seasons had past and how many things he had to go through. Looking through the window, he sees the young and understand… Continue reading Kinaadman… Word High July