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RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Friendships die through neglect, and a thriving relationship must have communication. There is no substitute for conversation. Talking situations over, discussing thoughts, and having a dialogue on upsetting issues is all part of the friendship dynamic. Pay attention to these three points when your friendships are faltering.a. Don’t expect others to read your mind. b.… Continue reading RETURN to Conversation – Talk it Out!

Stream of Consciousness

Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

I pick up my bag each day, ready to face the world. All I got is God and a grit to succeed. I may get back home tired, sad, happy or fulfilled, but when my back is on the bed I know I gave Life my best shot.  There is another day. I'll press repeat.… Continue reading Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

One Liner Wednesday

Eyes roll… One Liner Wednesday

           Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.            ~Jim Carrey Yes, there's nothing so special though everyone hails them.... Badge provided by Thanks Linda G. Hill for hosting this, God bless you.

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Words of wisdom #8

📌When you are finding circumstances tough and all the forces seem to fight against you, don't give up on your dreams keep at it. Find a way through it. 📌 Don't expect the best behavior from people around you. If you do this, you save yourself from the heartache that comes with betrayal. 📌 Always… Continue reading Words of wisdom #8