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Two days ago, I wrote the post you are about to read on Facebook. It’s something happening in Nigeria right now. I didn’t think about sharing it with my international audience but last night, a friend said “You express good reasoning through writing and you’re a world changer in your own way.”

This made me rethink. It will be good to share my views here. Someone out there might need this information desperately. The first part in italics was written by my friend Abigail Aigbe Akor and the rest is written by my humble self.

I have read so many things about the “special package juju” on this space and I didn’t want to say a word about it until I stumbled on what Gayle said on her WhatsApp status.
I have copied this painstakingly.
Abigail Akor wrote :
“So I’m seeing special package juju, reinvented to snatch wealthy men. This special package juju is the fruit seed of a patriarchal system planted in many African females. We were taught by our mothers and grandmothers; neighbours and society to do things not because it was the right thing to do but because it will help you get a husband or settle down in a husband’s house. Thus, we were schooled to see getting married and bearing children as the ultimate purpose of womanhood.
We were taught to cook, clean and care for our siblings not just because it is a necessary skill but because it will help us to be better wives and mothers. We were taught to look to men as source of financial comfort, instead of striving to be financially independent.
We were taught to be more, do more to attract a man who will marry us thereby earn society respect.
We constantly heard our female relatives berate unmarried women, we were told not to end up like them.
To this day, the older generation will still ask “is (s)he married?”
Marriage – especially for women – is seen as the peak of womanhood followed by childbearing. And today the fruits of such teaching is seen on a gross display of fetish manipulative shenanigans displayed by desperate, greedy woman.
From Kayan mata to menstrual blood stew to special packages.
Lord save our men.”

I wasn’t raised to be inferior to men. My father once told me “brain is what people use in school to study not penis or vagina. You have a brain. Your brain and that of any man out there is the same. Use it.” We have to raise our females to be comfortable in their own skin. We have to raise our girl child to be human first. We have to constantly remind the girl child she is not a second class citizen of Earth.
We have to raise our boys to be responsible. This is what we get for giving preference to the male child. We exempt the male child from household chores and tell him to mind his academics and be business oriented.
Special package juju is what we get when a man can’t even cook to save his life.

When a girl child is told her one destiny and relevance is tied to getting married and having children? Finish! You have created a woman who will run from prophet to prophet, Babalawo (spiritual guides) to anywhere in order to be “gainfully” married.
These are the women who get married and can’t do a single thing to bring money into the family. These are women who will not lift a finger to help the man in the home with her money. Okay now, let the man carry his burden now…
This special package is not even a new thing, it’s just that now they’ve up upgraded and they are more open about it.

Dear Kings, be spiritually strong, be disciplined, most of these things can be avoided.Dear Queens, it is not bad to pray for your partner. Please pray for him. Pray for his business. Pray for his protection. But praying strange women should fall down and die is crazy. What if she dies and there’s another strange woman again on his case?Will you keep praying for other people to die? For how long? Don’t you have a career/business that needs prayers? Don’t you have a family you want to pray for?
The other day, I saw a sponsored book ad “How to get a rich man to marry you.” I’m sure many ladies will buy just to marry some wealthy guy and if it ain’t working, desperation sets in and jazz becomes a thing.

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