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This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I like pretty women. Did you just read that? Yes, I mean women with assets if you get my drift. At a point, I had to question my being heterosexual.

Women are beautiful just the way they are, they have a lovely view. Breasts, hips and backside. When I walk on the road, I find myself checking them out. I see a lady with curves? Trust me, I’ll look at her again.
That is just where it ends. I like the view and I look. There was a particular day, I almost fell looking at a woman who just passed by me.

I had to talk myself out of it. I had to say, “Deb, you have what they’ve got.” But did that work? Perhaps it did.

Every woman is uniquely different and I now understand that it is a great virtue for a man to keep his face straight and not get distracted with other women especially when his woman is with him.


The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is View.  Use it anyway you like.
Thanks Linda for the lovely prompt and the effort you put by putting the post up in your twitter account. You’re an angel in human form.

Until next time,


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