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Raising my glass…personal

🎼For she is a jolly good fellow
🎶 For she is a jolly good fellow
🎤 For she is a jolly good felloooow!
And so says all of us


A woman of substance is having her birthday today. She is one of the awesome bloggers in this community that has encouraged me to keep writing, blogging, and even teaching me. I remember the one time I didn’t know how to do a ping back, she taught me how. She challenges me to move a little higher out of my comfort zone.
I read her work and I learn. She has a sense of humor, she tells it as it is and her parties are always so fun to be at.

Dearest Jacqueline, you graced this planet decades ago and you have personally touched my life. This is a thank you note. God bless you more and help you to touch more lives.

Enjoy the day, dance (even it is not so good- who cares!), sing (even if it’s not the most sonorous), laugh and be with family and friends.

I ask the Lord to give you many more years. Keep ageing with grace.

Your friend,

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