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Why Should I Care? …Personal post

You have a lot on your plate. Everyone has expectations and you think to yourself “why should I care?” One thing that remains in the forefront of our minds is becoming successful. Mind you, people will try to give you a template for success. This works, that works,you should sign up for this or you should take that job. In the end, what matters is your motivation for doing the things you do.

You shouldn’t allow people to dictate what works and what doesn’t work for you. You should be able to dictate that. You should be able to see through that.

Today, I thought of my blog. Everyone, almost everyone with whom I started blogging has move on to remove the WordPress domain or opened another WordPress site. When I started blogging, it was because I needed a space to air my thoughts. It wasn’t for teaching anything spectacular. For me blogging was a free space to breathe. I needed it. I had to speak out. I had to write my poems. I still have to.

When I think of owning a website with my own name, it occurs to me that I have both a professional and unprofessional part of me. I have a freelance editing business, I train aspiring writers and write books for them but I still want to write these thoughts and be taken seriously.

Recently, I opened a page. It’s a one website page and I felt it was too much. I had a section for my Editing Services, a section for my blog and another for short stories. I’m planning to add a section for both paid and free ebooks. I’m wondering if it is not too clogged.

Will I be taken seriously? The question begs.

Do you think I should shut down my blog and concentrate on owning a business and establishing an online presence?

Do you think it is possible to do both sides – blogging and building a brand?

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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