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A Stitch in Style by Adebukola Bassey

"To edit means to remove mistakes or parts that are not acceptable. To edit properly, you rethink, re-work, polish and finally rewrite your first draft. Try to look closely at your first draft to spot errors that spoil your written work." The above is not new to people in the editing industry. It's what we… Continue reading A Stitch in Style by Adebukola Bassey

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Why Should I Care? …Personal post

You have a lot on your plate. Everyone has expectations and you think to yourself "why should I care?" One thing that remains in the forefront of our minds is becoming successful. Mind you, people will try to give you a template for success. This works, that works,you should sign up for this or you… Continue reading Why Should I Care? …Personal post


A New Book – Wandering Stars

I published a book 24th August, 2018. Wandering Stars is not the first book I've written. However, I published it first. March 31st, I completed the manuscript so I could submit the book for the Dusty Manuscript Competition powered by Guarantee Trust Bank and Okadabooks. My book wasn't chosen for reasons best known to them.… Continue reading A New Book – Wandering Stars