A Step Further

For a while, I have been trying to send newsletters. It seem like herculean task. It is supposed to be easy right? For the second time in two years, I opened another account with Mailchimp and it was looking all strange. The first time I opened a Mailchimp account, it was out of curiosity but this time I have something to say and things to do. I went to the internet to find ways I can get my Mailchimp setup. I saw a lot of articles from Mailchimp and other independent writers. I saw a lot of YouTube videos. I even watched a 45-minute video on how to setup a Mail Chimp account but I was coming up empty. I saw the Mailchimp app on Google Play Store. I downloaded it and hoped it will make things easier, but it didn’t. It looked like rocket science. Don’t look at me like that. 😒 We all can’t be tech people.

While going through Twitter, I came across Siyanda’s link to newsletters. I discovered they also came from Mailchimp. Arggghh! Why didn’t they say it was easy to send out newsletters without going through all that stress? I discovered, it’s hosted by Mailchimp too and easy to open.

Anyway, I’ve started using
to send newsletters. I love it. It is easy to open and the newsletters also get hosted on the Internet. You can send letters to your email list and at the same time publish to the world. Isn’t that cool? ☺️

I found out that when people reply the newsletters our conversation stays between us. It doesn’t get published in the comment section. I was blown away. Hot stuff, somebody turn on the A/C!

Recently I was confused about blogging and building a business but I found my answers. I can mix pleasure with business. I can use my WhatsApp Business for personal use too. Booky Editing Services and Booky Glover is one. I am the business. How do I explain this further?

Phew! I got more intentional about starting a mailing list because I have a free eBook to share with aspiring writers, Compendium of writing Prompts – it’s coming out soon. Also, I’d like to share the knowledge I have acquired when it comes to writing, editing, the journey of becoming a self-published author and the other aspects of a writer’s life.

I don’t like to spam so I made it a monthly thing and the sweetest part of all this is that it is totally free. When I sent the link to an acquaintance on WhatsApp, he asked if he had to pay for it. Come on guys, all I need is an audience (You), a stage (substack) and a mic (my never ending muse). You don’t have to worry about lots of messages filling your mailbox. We’ll do this once every month and I promise it will be worth your while.

Subscribe so we can bond over these letters. See you on the other side.

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “A Step Further”

  1. Real nice. Glad you got another option aside Mailchimp. If you ask me though, you gotta get on Mailchimp. Its way cooler, more professional and with other cool features like name tags.

    But then, I’m just too glad you’re doing this to care about how.😁 Well done!

    Lesson for me (and others): there’s always a way out! I ring this every day to people in my circle. No excuse! I’ll tell you a recent story on WhatsApp (as recent as yesterday).😁

    Well done, dear.

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    1. That’s why I went through all that. I’d get back to Mailchimp, you will teach me right? I don’t mind if it is the “Mailchimp for dummies approach” I’ll take it.

      Thanks for stopping on by.


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