What Are You Afraid Of?…

A lot of us feed our fears and they get in the way.

From today on, I choose to starve my fears. I rise above them all.

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What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid that you might prove the inner voice of fear wrong and frighten yourself by succeeding?

There is nothing to fear in your pursuits, but everything to gain.

If you pause to listen to the silence within, there is teeny-weeny voice that nudges you in the direction to take in your aspirations and then there is also the other louder voice in the cacophony of voices telling you not to do it.

That loud voice saying not to do it is the voice of fear and it is just our self-imposed limitations. How do you know?

Strip it of all make-up and take a hard look. There is most probably no substance to its cacophony. Everyone has this voice of fear. The only difference in each person is how strong or how weak the voices within them are.

The strength of the voice depends…

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What is life?

A spoke some truths here about what life is. I totally agree.



Life is not about setting high goals and trying to out-perform everybody else out there. Life is not about trying to please everybody. Life is not about silently suffering when it becomes too damn much. Life is not about getting everything. Life is not about following others. Life is not that at all. Life is too short for all that.
Life is about out-doing your own expectations. Life is about trying to be a better person in your own eyes. Life is about taking a stand. Life is about giving everything you have. Life is about making out-of-the-world choices. Life is about being happy. Life is about trying not to have regrets. Life is about dancing in the rain. Life is about singing in the shower. Life is about admiring yourself in the mirror. Life is about smiling at strangers. Life is about crying when it becomes too much to…

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Happy Birthday!

The stars had to dim the lights The moon had to become fuller There was in the place a new presence He was the one who was spoken about The one, the ancients foretold would come With a path he barely understands He tread and he trudges on In the face of difficulties In the… Continue reading Happy Birthday!


Christmas today.

It's Christmas morn. I am lying on the bed going through Facebook and the WhatsApp. I see many wishes for the Christmas. I try to recollect just one Christmas. Just one memorable celebration and my head is blank. I try to recollect the previous one and that one is blank too. There is no doubt… Continue reading Christmas today.


Giving thanks

Sing praise to the LORD who dwells in Zion. Tell the nation what he has done. Psalm. 9:11 This memory verse in today's thanksgiving service helps me to do a throw back on my life and how far God has helped me thus far. # This year I did a lot of travelling Anambra, Enugu,… Continue reading Giving thanks


My Love for One Day

Everyone had gone home. The service was over. I hid behind the trees, it will be weird if anyone saw my tears. My eyes should be puffy red by now. Even in my black jumpsuit and black rimmed glasses I knew I look pathetic. **** We grew up in the same neighbourhood. We went to… Continue reading My Love for One Day


On the wheels

So fast we move On the wheels Letting go our wills Letting go our traditions And so it is time to celebrate In an unconventional way It is time to throw out the trash And live for the first time For the first time in our lives. Seated behind the wheels With mischief in mind… Continue reading On the wheels