Borne with pride!

Just nineteen days ago, I got an award and I am receiving another so soon. It’s a lovely thing when other bloggers recognise how well you do what you do. My heart is bursting with appreciation, thanks Buki for nominating me for this One Lovely Blog Award.


God bless you, dear Buki


Kindly adhere to these rules of engagement:

☑ Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

☑ List the rules.

☑ Display the award on your post of the award.

☑ List seven facts about yourself.

☑ Nominate fifteen other bloggers.

In the Versatile Blogger Award I already answered Seven (7) facts about myself but I would add another Seven (7) facts about myself here according to the rules.

New facts about Deb

1) I am a Nigerian, who is Lagos born and bred.

2) I am a teacher by profession and a writer by passion.

3) I hate deadlines. I like setting my own work pace.

4) I am the first child and I have three siblings.

5) I am a Christian.

6) I am a skeptical person.

7) I choose my friends carefully.

My Nominations
And the next award goes to these awesome bloggers:

1. Shubhammalik

2. Micki Allen

3. Big Dreamer

4. John White

5. Love Talk

6. Temitoria

7. Prince Wilson Inspires

8. Small Town Girl

9. Hazvinei

10. Soren

11. Writeintent

12. Losi Los Loco

13. KmQuirky

14. Pseudonymous

15. Tony Single

I would love to know those seven facts about you. Yes, you bloggers arouse my interest.


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