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I praise You!

Though the river flows down my eyes
Even in the dark tunnels
When I seem to lose my way
Even when I  desperately seek to feel you
When I am waiting for you
Yet I will praise you

In spite of life journey
The turbulence and few joys
Living without a sight
Of what tomorrow brings
In these times lift I my hands
To bless you

For your eternal love
Is better than life
Your power and majesty
That none can compare to
Your glory and splendour
That is beautiful than any other

With a thousand tongues
Singing your praise
Great things you are
Awesome things you have done
All race, people and kindred
Worship the One who forever reigns.

9 thoughts on “I praise You!”

  1. Hi, I am Annette and I stopped in to support you from Jacqueline’s link up post. I like your post and I am now following you. I will stop by soon for a more in-depth look at your blog 🙂


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