I should be thirteen and in high school. I started writing stories. They were amateur but it was my beginning. My younger sister idolised me at the time. She started first by keeping a diary. I noticed and smiled to myself. I knew, she was trying to do what I do. Years later, she was… Continue reading Original


Working as One – Quote challenge #1

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." - Mother Theresa. Working together brings about more great things done. My people say "A tree cannot make a forest." "You can not beat the chest with a finger." Working as One, with one purpose, one goal… Continue reading Working as One – Quote challenge #1


Kindred spirits

My eyes are glued to the screen They hurt. They are so swollen. I have to read, read and read some more *shrugs* I was named after Books. I have found my home A place where I read And read and read. I have friends around the world More than a thousand miles away I… Continue reading Kindred spirits


My neighbourhood #1

I took this from the pedestrian bridge at a popular commercial area in Lagos, Oshodi market. What you see in this picture is a better view of the site. In this place there were about a hundred shops and it was bursting to life. Why the governor decided to do this I won't understand. Many… Continue reading My neighbourhood #1


An open letter to a fellow blogger

Dear Jacqueline, I have silently and faithfully gone through your photos on the "Echoes of my neighbourhood". I was there when you brought up the idea. I was excited about it but I did know that I would be reluctant to share pictures of my neighbourhood. You have beautiful places to show of Dubai. What… Continue reading An open letter to a fellow blogger


These Quotes!

Failure lies at the doorstep of those who allows it. - Anonymous. Many years ago, Charles from Eko FM, Lagos said this quote and it stuck. Sometimes, I still hear his voice saying the same thing. Failure is a choice and so is success. Walk with the wise and you will be wise, walk with… Continue reading These Quotes!


Dark calls

Depression and sadness Recession and deep pain Falling in the way Falling away One by one The dark calls To the weary To the fearful and brave To the young and quaint One by one They heed The dark call One tells one About the solace They might find They do not know The dark… Continue reading Dark calls