A Third Award

Hello friends, 

I am so sorry I haven’t been online for the past four days and it even feels like forever. I have been busy with work, I am still adjusting to school resumption. Imagine how surprised I am to discover that a few people still visit my blog to read and I got another award.

The Sunshine Award!

Thanks Sparkling Poems for this award. She truly pulls at your heartstrings. Visit her blog sometime soon.

It’s so  beautiful! Besides it means I’m doing something good, if my Indian friend can give me an award for a job well done. I went for a writers workshop last Friday and it was awesome. I will share my experience with you some other time.

Zainab Tisekar​ of Zenysword also awarded me for the Lovely blog Award, but I already was given this award. Here is the link to the first one Borne with pride. Thanks Zainab, for a new blogger here you are doing really well and your poems are good.
Let’s get down to business!

1. Which is your favourite colour and why?

Blue. Blue is associated with calmness, silence, quietness and sadness. I like the blue colour and it means all of this to me.

2. Who is the most admirable person in your life?

My Father.

3. What is the biggest mistake of your life?

I studied Biology education. I should have studied Journalism or English. I would have been the best at it.

4. What is your aim?

I want to publish books. Fiction, creative Non-fiction, Poetry, Christian books. I’m working towards it.

5. Which was the most funniest moment of your life?

I can’t recall any.

6. Which is you favourite cartoon character?


7. What is your favourite pastime?

Word Games.

8. What do you see in your mind when I say GIRL?

I see beauty, poise and strength.

9. Which is your favourite animal?


10. What do you want to see behind the close doors?

I want to see Trust, Confidence and Love.

11. What do you admire the most in this universe?

God. I have more than admiration for him. Awe. I see him around me each day.  In the wind rushing past me, the sunset, the river, ocean and in good people.

Here’s a link to my First Award.

I nominate all my new followers. Just answer the questions above. It’s a great to get to know you.

You are awesome.

*Group Hug*☺☺☺

Until next time,

Keep well.

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