For Teachers

Some days we may doubt it, must most of the time we know that we know teaching is truly what God has called us to do.  On the days when doubt about our calling scorches us like the desert sun, then perhaps we should drench our students with a flood of encouragement because we reap… Continue reading For Teachers

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Turned tables

In the elevator, she felt so cramped, the boss had demand to see her. Sweat broke out from every pore of her skin, trickling down. Before the great conference table, she looked at the grave faces. "Congratulations, you've been promoted, Manager of ICT department." Photo Credit : Alyssa Smith *    *    * In response to… Continue reading Turned tables

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I praise You!

                           1 Though the river flows down my eyes Even in the dark tunnels When I seem to lose my way Even when I  desperately seek to feel you When I am waiting for you Yet I will praise you                     2 In spite of life journey The turbulence and few joys Living without a… Continue reading I praise You!