One Liner Wednesday

Eyes roll… One Liner Wednesday

           Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.            ~Jim Carrey Yes, there's nothing so special though everyone hails them.... Badge provided by Thanks Linda G. Hill for hosting this, God bless you.

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Keep on trusting!… #WQWWC

Mandy dropped her bag on the table. Her mother came out of the kitchen, cleaning her wet hands with a napkin. Mandy did not move, she didn't acknowledge her mother's presence, she bent and kept pulling at her shoe buckle trying to free her feet from them. "You're back early today." "There was no traffic."… Continue reading Keep on trusting!… #WQWWC

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Words of Wisdom #11

🌟 Never lose your good character in the face of provocation or a bad situation. 🌟 Make the most of your time, utilize it. Each second and minute is important. 🌟 Be careful about the things you say or do in the presence of strangers. First impression counts and matters a lot. Even when you… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #11

3Line Tales

In these colors

Representing nations, representing creed, people and race, All together we stood looking at these colorful flags With a resolve to respect what they stand for, my Indian friend and I held hands in silence. Different thoughts running through our minds. Photo credit : Liam Desic In response to the 3 Line Tales, photo prompt by… Continue reading In these colors

Stream of Consciousness

The real world… #SoCS

The world is filled with trees, grasses, animals and people. Perhaps I will never know what language the trees speak or what the animals say to each other like the Disney world made me believe when I was a child but human beings no matter how real will remain a mystery. Just this morning my brother… Continue reading The real world… #SoCS

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Writing and my existence… #WQWWC

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Pascal pushed the thick rimmed glasses sliding off his nose. I have been spying at him through the window for the past five minutes or so. Does he never get tired? I wondered. No one in this village ever learned his story. He came here long before I was born.… Continue reading Writing and my existence… #WQWWC

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A year older, a year wiser

24 March, 2016 With my whole heart I will sing Two decades and six He preserved me Joyful I will be No other mood I will take. I celebrate this day The day my presence graced this world of mortals To heavens will I look To Him who sits on the throne I lift my… Continue reading A year older, a year wiser

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Unsaved work…One liner Wednesday

I typed a post directly to my wordpress app, some how it got deleted. I don't have it anywhere. It was from my head, no prior outline. I had to ditch Music Monday. No way, I'm going to do all that again. *Shaking my head*. A friend tells me today, he was getting the patients… Continue reading Unsaved work…One liner Wednesday

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Words of Wisdom #10

🌟 Lying never brings good things. It makes you insecure, gets you easily caught, ruins your reputation and chases your valuable friends. 🌟 It is wise to listen to others. It is a virtue of patience. You get truth and lies, but while listening you are patient enough to know the difference and make right… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #10